THE BEGINNING Ranks and Rewards Mobile App Development: B2B Market place

Make a systematised record of the hard work of agents with this app.

We, at Yudigi, have cognisance of the importance of hard work. Unless and until an individual is proffered good fruits, he or she will not feel motivated to perform his or her tasks. With the help of this application, you can reward various agents for the number of sales made by them. This not only maintains a clean record of work of each agent but also motivates them to work harder and reap more benefits of this opportunity. This task is done by processing points of the agents according to their number of sales. Such points can be used to make purchases with the built-in shopping software of the app. Agents are ranked based on the number of points earned. This also encourages them to ameliorate their ranks by augmenting the number of sales.

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EASY STEPS Our Working Process


01. Research Project


02. Find Ideas


03. Start Optimize


04. Reach Target

The working process

  • Fabricate a mobile application.
  • Improve its UX design.
  • Integrate sales performance software.
  • Reach the target.
Organic search
No. 1 ranking

This mobile application rewards the agents based on the lifetime sales made by them. Moreover, such bonuses can be used by them to shop with the inbuilt shopping software of the app. The app fabricated by us is user responsive and can take the screen resolution of any device. Moreover, it is easy to use and thus, helps the management to rank their agents. In this way, a competitive feeling is developed in the agents to entice a greater target audience towards the products of the brand and hence augment its overall sales.

The Challenges

  • Augment the sales through the mobile application.
  • Maintain a record of the performance of the agents and reward the better agents.

The Solution

  • Fabricate an admin and agent dashboard.
  • Integrate the agents’ profile page and his or her registrations in the dashboard.
  • Fabricate a reward shop from where the agent can purchase through the points.

Increased average page views

6.5 %

Increased Length of each visit

7 %

Increased Organic traffic

80 %

Decreased Bounce Rate

6.5 %

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