THE BEGINNING UI/UX Design: & Electric and equipment

Reach soaring Heights and entice a greater target audience towards your business.

We, at Yudigi, help you to augment your sales by alluring a greater target audience towards your brand. This is done by fabricating a software which provides maximum UX experience to the users. This application maximises the UX experience by integrating attributes for the Electric and equipment industry. Such characteristics relate to comfortable ordering facilities for the customers and maintaining tracks for a clean record. In this way, organisations can achieve their targets by relying on digital media. This will help to promote productivity and innovation and will truncate the use of traditional mediums.

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EASY STEPS Our Working Process


01. Research Project


02. Find Ideas


03. Start Optimize


04. Reach Target

The working process

  • Fabricate a UX designed software.
  • Integrate specific attributes.
  • Make it easy to use.
  • Reach the target audience.
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Such an application will help with the businesses to transform their prospective customers who have an interest in the industry into clients. Moreover, it will make the companies more organised and systematic by tracking the records of the deliveries of customers. The application can record the photos, signatures and the QR codes of the customers. This helps to truncate the annoyance of the customers by resolving different issues and making the navigation easy.

The Challenges

  • Modifying the existing mobile application and integrating the UX UI design in it.
  • Integrate an easy to use interface with the software to make it responsive, and enhance its functioning.

The Solution

  • Fabricate an interactive software that can help to procure the feedbacks of the users before development.
  • Identify the motivation and requirements of the users.
  • Integrate the user journey map in the software.
  • Entice the audience to watch the application and thus transform them into regular clients.
  • Make the content and functions in a way which are easy to use and augment the user experience.

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